Fire and smoke damage

Fires have the ability to destroy property in a very shorty amount of time and can affect many items in your home or business permanently. GUS North Bay disaster restoration services can make a house fire feel like it never happened.

What to expect from fire damage?

Discolouration, Odor, Interior damage, Electrical damage are damages you should expect when a fire happens. Most discolouration will not show up until a few days after a fire. Many items such as plastic and wood can become warped or permanently damaged. Metal will corrode and rust within hours of a fire. Natural stone surfaces are likely to become permanently discolored. If not treated as soon as possible fabric items will retain a smoke odor that cannot be removed and can be dangerous to the respiratory system. Electrical items such as outlets, switches, fuses and more can be affected they short circuit or no longer be usable. Fire is attracted to cool areas in your home so exterior walls and windows are likely to become damaged. Ceilings are also more likely to have damage because heat rises.


GUS North Bay offers many services to help return your home or business to the state it was in before disaster struck.

  • Computerized cost estimates
  • Help with insurance claims
  • Cleaning and removal of debris and toxic chemicals
  • Repairs to damages
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Odour neutralization and air purification
  • Complete damage restoration services: structural, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, painting, plastering, interior and exterior finishing, roofing, etc.

Once the fire is under control


  • Call GUS. We’ll put you in touch with your insurance agent or broker. We have agreements with all major insurers and we adhere to their standards and policies. Please be ready to disclose any important details about the emergency as well as your insurance policy number.
  • Move around the house as little as possible to prevent soot particles from getting into stuffed furniture and carpets.


  • Enter your home without authorization from someone in charge.
  • Try to clean the walls or other painted surfaces without talking to a post-disaster cleaning company first.
  • Try to clean the carpets or stuffed furniture without consulting a post-disaster cleaning company first.
  • Clean electrical appliances, TVs, radios, or other appliances that have been in contact with or close to heat, water, or fire without consulting an authorized service centre first.
  • Consume canned or packaged food or beverages that were near the fire damage, the smoke damage or water. They could be contaminated.
  • Use lights or fans installed on wet ceilings.
  • Send your clothes to a cleaner who is not familiar with disaster cleanup because improper cleaning could permanently saturate the clothes with the smell of smoke.